Barrow tells Baddibu to end being sanctuary for opposition


By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has called on the people of Baddibu to end being stronghold for the opposition, saying the battle long fought to end ex-president Jammeh’s dictatorship has been won.  

Barrow made the remarks during a meeting at Daru Rilwan in the Central Baddibu Constituency, North Bank Region, where he addressed large crowds of supporters as part of his meet the people’s tour.  


The president hailed Baddibu for playing a key role in effecting the change that brought his government to power.

“This is your government! We were together in this fight that removed Jammeh to bring in a new government under my leadership. So you have no cause to remain in opposition. The fight is already won. You have been in the opposition under the first and second republics when they [opposition] used to brag about here being their stronghold and a safe sanctuary. But now that we have won, I want that perception to end now and rally behind this government of your own and we support each other to develop the country. God does not pay smartness but hard work,” he said.

President Barrow reiterated his commitment to bring massive socio-economic development to the door steps of all Gambians, saying upon completion of his ‘visible development projects’ across the country, there would be no opposition since they would have nothing to complain about.

“I have never worked in government before becoming a president because I have no interest in fame or money, but concerned myself with the development of the country. I want to leave a good legacy and that can only be built with my development achievements. This is not a joke and whoever wants to hinder that would not stand my way,” he added.

Nationwide electrification by 2025

The president also announced in his engagements across the North Bank Region a whopping D10 billion electrification project that would provide electricity to six hundred and eighty-five (685) villages in the country by 2025.

“By 2025, everyone in this country wherever you are, even if it’s just one compound in the bush, will be electrified.” 

The project, according to him, would electrify 92 villages in the West Coast Region, 185 villages in North Bank Region, 46 in Lower River Region, 179 in Central River Region, 165 in Upper River Region.