Barrow: UDP did not even have a bicycle before I took power


By Tabora Bojang

In a rare swipe at his former and native political party, President Barrow has said the UDP is ungrateful to him despite all the unprecedented good he brought to the party which never happened in their history before his presidency.

Speaking at a meeting in Bundung Monday, Barrow said a lot of people insulting him from the UDP were non-existent during Jammeh’s regime.


“I have been a foot soldier in the party from 1996 but I never saw any of these people insulting today and they were never present when we were visiting Ousainu Darboe in prison, speaking and doing politics under strict security surveillance,” Barrow said.

 He continued: “The day I won in 2016, the entire UDP as a party did not even have a bicycle. I did not even have a campaign vehicle. I had to change my land measuring 54×50 meters in Jambur for a car to do campaign with. Today, they are driving their cars and motor cycles thanks to the coming of President Barrow.”

He further claimed that “everything the party is sustaining on” came as a result of his rule.

“You never had 31 NAMs, over 60 councilors, 6 chairmen and 2 mayors in 22 years.  How did you manage to get that now? It is because of President Barrow’s government,” he stated.

Barrow further alleged that the party officials sacked from his government were attempting to “undermine” his governance by “resorting to secret deals and signing contracts” to fund efforts designed to remove him.