Latrikunda NAM warns ministers doubting Barrow to resign


By Tabora Bojang

The National Assembly Member for Latrikunda has warned that cabinet ministers doubting Adama Barrow’s chances to sweep the 2021 presidential election should resign.

Saikou Marong made this remark in Bundung at President Barrow’s meet the people’s tour meeting Monday. He lamented constraints he and other NPP top brass in KM, including its chairman Ounda Nyang, face when organising NPP political functions due to what he called ‘unwilling commitment of some officials’.


Marong, who was among several other NAMs elected under and later expelled by the UDP for their perceived loyalty to the President Barrow in 2019, said he is optimistic of a landslide victory for the president but supporters need to do more to tighten their shoes and flex muscles ahead of the much-awaited election.

“Mr President, we in the KM are dismayed and uncle Ounda Nyang can bear witness that we struggle a lot whenever we have a political function because we don’t have people who help us apart from the usual D5000 they give at my bureau, nothing else. That is why I want to tell the Barrow supporters and ministers that if there is anyone who does not believe that this government will make it in 2021, let him or her resign. Whether you are a minister or ambassador or what have you, if you are sitting on the fence doubting that Adama Barrow may not cross in 2021 then leave, and let us bring someone else who is confident that President Barrow will make it,” Marong stated.