Belgian Navy ship Godetia makes stopover in Banjul


Press release

The Belgian command and logistical support ship, the A960 Godetia stops over in Banjul during the operation Maritime Capacity Building 2018 (MCB18).
As a service to her patron city, the Belgian ship delivers goods to Gambian organizations and the city of Banjul, as was the case during the 2016 edition of the mission along the shores of West-Africa.

The A960 Godetia carries 35 m3 of material aid provided by several NGOs, schools, medical and other organizations to support local initiatives in the Gambia. Being Banjul’s twin city, the Belgian coastal city of Ostend, sends along goods ranging from bicycle repair tools to sports gear, agricultural products and spare truck parts to strengthen the friendly ties between the two cities.


Furthermore, during this year’s campaign, which is embedded within the broader African Partnership Station program, Belgian instructors set out to train and exchange know-how with navy personnel of Cape Verde.