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Bijilo alkalo testifies in Sabally trial

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Sulayman Jatta said Momodou Sabally told them this at his house after inspecting the two vehicles. According to the second state witness, he was introduced to Mr Ndoye by one Kebba Jallow who informed him that Mr Ndoye was finding it difficult to meet President Jammeh. Mr Jatta said he told Jallow that he could not take Mr Ndoye to President Jammeh but he could introduce him to his in-law Sheikh Omar Bah (first state witness) who was friends with Mr Sabally.

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Sabally’s lawyer at that point objected, arguing that the witness was saying what Kebba Jallow told him. “It is hearsay evidence. The whole issue is whether the cars were brought for sale or donation,” the lawyer, Antouman Gaye, said. To which the prosecution replied: “The witness stated this piece of evidence not for its truth, but for the fact that it was made.” The judge then overruled the objection.

Continuing his testimony, Mr Jatta said Mr Bah went to his house after a few days where he introduced Mr Ndoye to him. He said Bah then promised that he will take them to Sabally’s house along with the two vehicles.

Mr Jatta said Bah took them to Sabally’s house during a weekend and introduced them to Sabally. He said Bah told Sabally that Ndoye had vehicles he wanted to sell to President Jammeh. He said after that, Sabally and Ndoye had a long conversation until when Sabally told them that he was in a haste and wanted to go Banjul. Jatta said Sabally however inspected the vehicles and said the car were nice and President Jammeh would like them before he left for Banjul.

He testified that Sabally told them he was going to Banjul and would explain it to President Jammeh if he saw him. He said later in the day, he received a call from Bah that Sabally told him that they should try and be in Banjul by 6 in the evening.

At this point, the case was adjourned to February for continuation of hearing.


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