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Fifa – GFF applauds Girls’ Festival

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Friday’s festival followed a four-days coaching clinic for over 26 women coaches in the country.

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Speaking at the National Technical Training Centre, which hosted both events, the president of the Gambia Football Federationn expressed his gratitude and satisfaction about this new initiative.

Bajo stated that the GFF has appreciated the commitment and contribution from Fifa and that he was sure that women’s football in the country could be developed with the support and encouragement given by the Fifa.

 “Today, we have witnessed a historic moment in the country in the presence here of very young girls and we hope that we can maintain these young girls in football in the next seven years or more to come,” he noted.

Jacqueline Chipanga, the Namibian Fifa female coach instructor said training female coaches would help in developing women football. “We at Fifa are very proud of what The Gambia is doing and has achieved in this front. We should take football as a tool of changing our social and traditional believes and as such, I urge  the GFF never to give up in whatever they are doing in promoting these young girls,” she warned.

Choro Mbenga, female football coordinator at the GFF, thanked Fifa and the GFF for promoting female football which she said should be taken with seriousness just as the men’s football. The events were supervised by the GFF technical director, Ebrima Manneh.


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