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Brikama equips shopkeepers to stop spread of Covid-19

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By Lamin Cham

In a dramatic innovative drive, the community of Brikama Berewuleng has purchased packets of Personal Protection Equipment, PPEs, for all corner shopkeepers in the area.

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According to community leaders in Berewuleng, each shopkeeper has been supplied with lots of facemasks, sanitisers, gloves among other items. “Shopkeepers can be transmission agents of the virus in a given area because almost every compound is close to a shop where residents go to buy provisions such as sugar, bread, butter and other essentials on a daily basis. We want to ensure that our shopkeepers stay in masks and gloves every time they are serving the customers. They must not also allow unprotected hands to be touching food that they would not buy. Anyone buying bread for example should pick the loaves or loaf he or she wants and never touch others,” observed Essa Jallow, member of the community.

A health official who spoke to The Standard said the initiative taken by Berewuleng is very commendable and should serve as an inspiration to all communities.

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