Bundung NAM asks Barrow to refund taxpayers’ money spent on politicking


By Amadou Jadama

The UDP National Assembly Member for Bundung-Ka Kunda constituency has told President Adama Barrow to refund the Gambian taxpayers’ money meant for the meet the people tour, “which he is now using for politics”.

Bakary Njie accused President Barrow of turning the tour into a platform where he would ask Gambians to join his party. “The National Assembly allocated D6M for this tour but it is dominated by politics with people being paraded to have cross-carpeted from one party to the his NPP.  He should now consider refunding the people’s money because that is not meant to fund his NPP affairs.”


Hon Njie added that the tour has been characterized by disappointing statements, wearing of NPP T-shirts and calling on people to join the party.

“We are not giving poor Gambians money to be used for his political agenda. As the National Assembly Member for Bundung, I am calling on the president to apologise to Gambians and to return every butut that he took on this tour to the state coffers, otherwise I will prevail on my colleagues in the assembly to call and question him about it,” Njie said.

However, when confronted with similar criticisms two weeks ago, NPP strongman and presidential adviser Dou Sanno, had told The Standard that “it is logically wrong for any one to conclude that the tour must be totally free from politics. Everything in life entails politics; even when one is looking for a spouse, politics comes to play. We know that it is the UDP that is behind this because they know the tour is damaging them and strengthening the president.”