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CDS tells soldiers to be loyal to Gambia

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By Omar Bah

The Chief of Defense Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces, Masanneh Kinteh has called on the men and women of GAF to be loyal to The Gambia.

In a statement read on his behalf by the Navy Commander at a civil-military relations seminar funded by the US Department of State, planned and implemented by the US Department of Defense, CDS Kinteh reminds the military that it is imperative that they see nothing but The Gambia and its citizens.

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“The Gambian people have high hopes in you as members of the armed and security services to ensure that together we steer the affairs of this nation to make it an epitome of success,” he said.

He added: “We must get to work and pick up from where we stopped, assured of renewed hopes and conviction that in this new political dispensation one’s development and reward will not be determined by an erratic sets of rules and regulations instead your efforts and contributions will be appreciated, valued and rewarded handsomely through an orderly and professional approach set by standardised rules and regulations applicable throughout the world”.

CDS Kinteh said with all the efforts GAF is making with the support of its partners they are convinced that “we will surely build a Gambia where we will not be defined by tribe, political affiliation or religion, but the vision and aspiration of our founding fathers, a Gambia where we will live in unity, freedom, justice and respect for the rule of law”.

The training, CDS Kinteh added, will enhance the capacity of the members of GAF and other security forces in their day to day interaction with civilians and as well help them to foster a relationship between the security forces and civil society organisations.

“My vision as CDS is to ensure that the Gambia armed forces, is put on a better footing to be able to fulfill its constitutional mandate of protecting and preserving the territorial integrity of the country, but this cannot be achieved without building the capacity of my men,” he added.

The three days training underway at Officers Mess brought together 55 participants from GAF, CSOs and other security services. The training is conducted by US based Institute for Security Governance.

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