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Colley: PDOIS no threat to any party

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He stated: “I know them because PDOIS has been in existence since my school days. They cannot be a party of threat to any government in this country, even the opposition. The UDP and NRP were formed long after PDOIS but despite that they could never have more than three seats in the National Assembly at any time. They should leave. We are a very strong party with good membership. The opposition should criticise when it is necessary. Even in the countries they are running to as their masters, America and UK, their opposition only criticise when it is necessary and support the government when they do a good thing. For the opposition here, everything the government does is wrong because they do not have any objective other than getting the position of the president.

“I heard Halifa saying they will be going out again to America … We don’t do that. How can we go to America, UK or the West leaving the people that are going to put us in power? How can those people plan if they don’t know what is exactly happening in this country? They are only up when elections are near. Now they are talking about an alliance in 2016. Let them come with their alliances from the West and find us here. For Halifa, he is really a position-minded somebody who can never gain anything. He is a loser and will ever be a loser. Look at their party… it is all about him. Whatever he decides is what happens.”

Colley, who is also the mayor of Kanifing municipality continued: “Halifa talks about every issue and for us we don’t have that time. The problem is when he sleeps he doesn’t have anybody who disturbs him. For us we have people that are disturbing us. We don’t have the time to sit the whole night to come up with a dream that can never be successful. He wants to be the dreamer for the opposition – Ousainou and the rest – he will find them there. Gambians rejected them and they will continue to reject them because of their policies and ideologies. They cannot think independently because people outside think for them. Sometimes you hear me talk, my youth mobiliser, Secretary General Sabally and a diverse array of people talk to the Gambian people but for PDOIS it is only Halifa. So I assume he is the only person who is in PDOIS and the rest are dispensable like the butt of a gun [kiddo juu-to samato in Mandinka] as the gun will fire with it or without it”.

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By Sainey Darboe


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