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Councilor faults Nawec response to electric accident

.Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard he explained:  “An electric power line got cut off and fell on a corrugate in the market, causing widespread shock and fear in the market.  This was believed to be caused by a windstorm. I came to Bakau Market very early in the morning following a heavy rain and windstorm and the security told me people were not able to open their shops because there were electric shocks in all the poles, pillars and shops in the market. So I called the Nawec offices at Mile 5 to inform them about the situation and they said they didn’t have a transport. They told me their transport had a breakdown and that it was taken for maintenance. I returned to the market and found customers and vendors all standing outside of their stalls. I called   Nawec again and it was the same answer. I told them they should definitely have a vehicle on standby in case of such urgent situations because this is a market with everybody rushing to buy stuff. 

“They again promised me that they would come. I went with the market security to the Nawec branch here in Bakau on different occasions and they gave me a number to call. I called the number and explained the whole situation and I was told they would contact their people on the ground to sort it out. I was waiting for the Nawec worker to show up when I was told there was a blaze. Then I decided to hire a taxi and go to Mile 5. It was not until I reached Mile 5 that I was called and told Nawec had reached the market. So am disappointed. In a situation like that in a market, Nawec cannot tell me they don’t have transport to attend emergency cases. That is quite impossible. This fire could have caused serious damage. The fire was going to burn everything and the rebuilding would have been a problem. We have had many fire disasters here and people were going out begging for charity. In order to prevent future disasters, Nawec should take preventive measures. When issues like this happen, Nawec should be among the first parties to get there but to sit and tell me their transport had a breakdown when this place was burning is something I could not understand.”

Tumbul Dibba, the inspector in charge of Bakau Market added: “I also went to Nawec to report the situation because there was fear in the market. Anywhere the vendors touched in the market they screamed with reports of electric shock. It was a serious situation.”


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