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Court frees ‘mentally unstable man’ after sexually assaulting 5-year old girl

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The man who looked frail and unsteady was freed by Principal Magistrate Hillary Abeke after he pleaded guilty to a single count of indecent assault. He was accused of unlawfully assaulting a girl [name withheld] by putting his hands in her private parts in September, 2014 at New Jeshwang.

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“According to the records, the accused is not with his normal senses and I belief in that,” Magistrate Abeke said before he warned him to desist from such acts for a period of six months.

Before freeing the ‘mentally unstable man’, his mother told the court that his son was “mentally challenged”. She said she took care of him all the time but she is now suffering from leg injury.

“My son was not like this before. He was a fisherman and was taking care of me before this befell him. He is on treatment and did not know what he was doing with the little girl. He is not with his senses,” she said.

Magistrate Abeke warned him and threatened to send him to prison if he repeats the same act within the next six months.


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