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Court hears Sait Matty Jaw’s case in camera today

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Mr Jaw was charged along with Messrs Seth Yaw Kandeh, a Ghanaian and Olufemi Erinle Titus a Nigerian on charges of conspiracy, failure to register a business and two counts of disobedience to statutory duty. They denied any wrong doing on their first appearance in court in December last year.

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Messrs Kandeh and Titus changed their plea from not guilty to guilty on all the four counts. They were sentenced to a fine of D50, 000 on each count in default to serve one year jail term on each count. 

Prior to their sentence, their attorney, Lamin Mboge implored the court to exercise mercy on them by imposing a fine rather than a custodial sentence. 

Mr Jaw, who maintained his innocence is answering to the charges and is expected to appear in court today to answer to the four criminal indictments which will be held in camera as earlier ruled by the presiding  magistrate, Samsideen Conteh during the previous session. 

The state prosecutor, Abdurrahman Bah earlier applied to the court for the case to be heard in camera on the grounds that the witness they intended to call was an intelligence officer from the National Intelligence Agency. The evidence to be given by the witness, he submitted, should not be disclosed for the purpose of public security, safety and order. Despite the objection of the defence to the application, the court ruled that the case would be heard in camera. 


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