CRR villages cry for standard health centre

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Alagie K Bah, reporting from CRR

Close to a dozen villages in CRR have made calls for assistance for a health centre.
They said the only health centre in the area is located far away in Dankunku – meaning they are being forced to travel each time they require medical care.

Babu Jobe, Kerr Line, Gisssadi, Sinchu Alhagi, Sey Kunda, Kalikajara and Sameh are some of the villages appealing for immediate support.

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Only one medical personnel is posted in the area and he cannot attend to huge number of patients who seek assistance on a daily basis.

A village development community centre is what the health worker uses to treat his patients, they said, adding that the centre is far from conducive.

“We want to call on government to come to our aid immediately.

We want them to build us a standard health centre and give us enough medical staff.

Our people have suffered a lot.

We don’t want our wives to continue dying,” one villager pleads.

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