Darboe says Covid-19 is ravaging Gambia


By Momodou Darboe

The Secretary General of the UDP has asserted Covid-19 is currently ravaging the country, warning that any disregard for health guidelines could engender disastrous consequences for ‘our fragile health infrastructure’.

“Corona virus is ravaging The Gambia because for five people to die from any disease one day, proportionate to our population, means a lot,” Ousainu Darboe lamented.
The UDP leader warned that overburdening the country’s health infrastructure could lead to far-reaching consequences that the health-care system would not be able to cope.


He thanked the population for their cooperation with the police in the execution of the curfew regulations but expressed regret that some Gambians are behaving otherwise.
“We should not give them[police]any reason for arrest,” Darboe cautioned. “If we cooperate and observe the guidelines, we will see our fragile health infrastructure not over-burdened. Over-burdening our health infrastructure could lead to disastrous consequences…may not be able to accommodate our demands.”
Darboe made these remarks as he celebrated his 72nd birthday on Saturday.