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Anger as man who allegedly raped girl, 7, walks free

By Alagie Manneh

A 23-year-old man who allegedly threatened a minor with a razor blade before raping her, has been released from police custody.
Amara Waggeh’s release sparked anger and outrage from family members and those familiar with the case.

He was charged with rape which attracts a life sentence if convicted. He was released from Busumbala Police Station, where he was being held.
Investigators said Mr Waggeh used a razor blade to threaten the 7-year-old girl into silence.

He then took the young girl to “an undisclosed location, undressed and sexually abused her,” police sources reported.

A medical report of the case concluded that the young girl’s “hymen is not intact”. It also reported an inflammation and blood stain in vaginal opening.
“This means there was penetration,” the report added.
The girl’s mother said her daughter remains in “severe pain while the suspect roams the streets”.

“We have bought lots of drugs and did everything on our own,” she added.
On why Mr Waggeh was released from custody, the mother speculated: “No one knows what is going on. Perhaps there are things both you and I do not know. What I do know is that he must pay for what he did.”

The national coordinator of the Child Protection Alliance, Lamin Fatty, called the release from custody of Mr Waggeh “a lapse” in the country’s Sexual Offenses Act.
He added: “This is a capital offense. There must be severe penalties for such perpetrators. It’s unfortunate that perpetrators of such crime are granted bail just by going to police.”
The Standard contacted the police PRO who promised to find out about the case but did not get back to us until press time.

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