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Demonstrations can embolden even gays to demand rights – Imam

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By Omar Bah

The Imam of Old Jeshwang, Seekou Koita, has warned against any demonstration in the country, saying that it could open the door and embolden even the LGBTQ community to demand for rights.

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The Imam further argued that such demonstrations can also harm the economy and make citizens feel less safe in the country.

“As a civilised nation, we must abandon the idea that we can organise demonstrations or protest whenever we have different opinions. This attitude will only promote falsehood,” he told The Standard.

“It will retard the country’s economic development and discourage foreign investments.

But perhaps more worryingly it may wake up other groups like gays or religious fanatics to demonstrate for their so-called rights,” the spiritual leader stated.

He entreated Gambians to remember the tenets of the Islamic religion, which calls for “discipline, order and tranquility”.

“The religion of Islam is against inciting conflict and consider rebelling against our leaders as a great corruption,” he warned.

Imam Koita added that most of the time demonstration causes bloodshed, destruction of wealth and road blockages.

“This is not acceptable in Islam and does not benefit, rather it harms innocent people. And in many instances organisers of demonstrations have hidden agendas.

My advice is that as a concern Gambian, we must make concerted efforts to remove extreme materialism, greed, hatred, false pride and blind obedience from ourselves.

The economic well being of The Gambia and happiness for Gambian people can only be obtained in discipline and tranquility.

Who really loves The Gambia loves peace for The Gambia,” he concluded.

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