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Despite no evidence of link with Jammeh, my companies remain frozen – Prince Ebrahim

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By Tabora Bojang

Prince Ebrahim Sanyang, the chairman of Royal Africa Capital Holdings whose companies have been frozen for its alleged close association to former president, has said that for almost a year since the commencement of the Commission of Inquiry, no evidence has so far been presented that links his companies to the former President.

Mr Sanyang made these claims during a press conference he called yesterday.
”My companies were among the very first Gambian entities to be listed on the frozen order, and naturally one would have expected that I would have been among the first to be invited to testify but that did not happen. I have not been called to the Janneh Commission up to date and the companies of all the other ones that were accused, including the former president himself are operating up to this day while mine are frozen,” Prince Sanyang lamented.

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He continued: ”Why the selective justice? If the former president was an accused person and all the other ones being perceived close associates are having their businesses operating to date, why does the heavy harrow wounded approach has to apply to my company? Obstructing all the huge amount of money I have committed to investing in The Gambia.”

Sanyang said his record of accomplishment is very clear as no Gambian can leverage investment capital in the Gambia than him at the global level.
Sanyang said he has no problem going under any investigations but would be ‘happy to be investigated through a very transparent, fair, open process.’
Sanyang however said President Barrow’s independent stance on the matter has been fairly manifested.

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