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Dou Sanno Warns Jimara May Recall ‘accidental’ Nam

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By Lamin Cham

Dou Sanno, a presidential adviser has warned Alhagie Sowe of the opposition GDC that his far- fetched call for President Barrow to be impeached is a misplaced statement that could backfire.

Sowe, the NAM for Jimara, called for the president to be impeached over conducts he said are illegal.

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However according to Dou Sanno, everyone is surprised that Sowe who does not even participate in assembly debates because of his lack of capacity,can now start talking outside for women to clap.

“No one has ever heard Hon Sowe representing Jimara Constituency effectively in the assembly because of his incapacity. In fact it was only by a mistake that he got elected in Jimara but I can assure him that the people of Jimara have had enough of him and now consider his election as a useless venture about which they are already sorry. Let me add that I have every confidence that the entire Jimara is united in their regret about his election and it will not even take more than a week to mobilise two-third majority to recall him,” Dou Sanno warned. He added: “Let Sowe know that before he contemplates impeaching Barrow, he would be the first to be recalled”.

He further stated that at a time when everyone is busy fighting Covid-19, the GDC NAMs and their leader have not only failed to respond to President Barrow’s general call to all political parties to join him in the fight, but they have also been making distracting comments to gain political points.

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He advised NAM Sowe to consult the more experienced members of the assembly on procedures before making uninformed and irresponsible statements.
Sanno said President Barrow and his government have been and are still occupied with the fight to eliminate Covid-19 which GDC has failed to join. “Rather they have chosen to engage in trying to poison the minds of the people but they will fail because the Gambian people are already enlightened,”Sanno said.

He said the problem of Covid-19 is not unique to The Gambia.
”The challenges the Gambia is facing with regard to Covid-19 are the same ones other nations like Senegal, UK, USA, Germany and nations around the world are facing.What is so sad and unfortunate is that people like the GDC NAMs’ idle and irresponsible talks are even compounding the country’s problems more than the challenges of Covid-19 itself.

I am warning you Hon. Sowe of Jimara and your fellow NAM Omar Ceesay of Niamina East that you are on your last and final chance because you are not fit and cannot be reelected to the assembly. You never talk sensibly in the assembly, yet you talk even more senselessly outside the assembly. If you take the Covid-19 as a political weapon, President Barrow and the progressive people of the Gambia take as a national duty to save lives and will never change from that. Please be assured that I am always ready waiting to take on your wayward behaviors,” Sanno concluded.

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