Drug abuse


Besides corruption, drug abuse is the worst thing that can cause havoc to a nation’s development aspirations.

Drug abuse cuts across all forms of evil and can serve as a catalyst of many crimes. If someone is high on drugs the individual may do the most heinous of crimes without even realizing it.

It is unfortunate that the fight against drugs is still at a slow pace. It is true that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are doing well in combating the spread of illicit drugs, but their efforts are hindered and therefore the results are not palpable.


The proliferation of certain illicit drugs and their usage are causing a lot of problems in the country as it is causing the crime rate to increase tremendously. This must be nipped in the bud. The law enforcement agencies must be given all they need to ensure that they succeed in controlling these drugs.

The government’s approach must therefore be a holistic one that will tackle drugs, crime, and corruption. If the agencies responsible for these three areas coordinate, they will realize that most of the crimes that we keep talking about are connected with one or the other of the three listed above.

A recent statistics shows that 20% of the population suffers some kind of mental disorder. That is 1 in every 5 Gambians is mentally ill. And health officials said drug abuse is the most standout cause of this hiking phenomenon.

It is therefore important government mobilizes resources; both human and material, in order to rid the country of illicit drugs and ensure public health.