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Ebunjan Theatre to stage play, help students in exams


The Ebunjan Performing Arts Association is organising a two-day theatrical performance aimed at assisting senior secondary school students studying for the literature in English ahead of their exams in May.  

The play “Women of Owu” is a Nigerian version of a classic play “the Trojan Women” by Greek playwright Euripides. It was staged in ancient Greece in 415 BC and acclaimed as one of the playwright’s greatest works and among the best anti-war plays ever written. 

According to the organisers, the themes are just as relevant today, as they deal with effects of war on women and the strong believes of people that deities control their lives.  Students will watch the play live on stage and understand many facets ranging from theme, plot, settings, characterisation, style and others.

The artistic director, Janet Badjan-Young looks forward to witnessing a play like this for the first time in the country. “’Women of Owu” is truly magical. The students will have the opportunity to see how the story unfolds from the beginning, middle and the ending. They will know how the characters interact,” she said.

“It is a special event because we are going out of our way to help students with their examinations, and for them to love and like each other. We do not want them sitting in their rooms reading the play. They should come out and see the play, discuss it and learn a lot from it,” she pointed out.

Michael Dara, a journalist and a participant said: “There is a difference between reading and seeing the play. In journalism, we talk about visual and audio visual. When you combine audio and visual it gives brighter, better, longer-lasting, more understanding image. These kids, most of them are reading this line (play) do not even know what they are reading. When you see the object, you can relate with the story. Crosscheck the results of those students that will come for this programme and the others. Their results will not be compared with the others,” Monica Davies, an actress, said she was happy to be taking part in play.


Author: Alagie Manneh


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