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Egalitarian unveils plans to open studio in Gambia, US

Speaking exclusively to The Standard, he stated: “For now I am concentrating more on building a studio in The Gambia and Delaware. I have already registered a company called Egalitarian Dinkendo Entertainment which is meant to support Gambian music in the United States. It seeks to sign musicians in The Gambia and bring them over to the United States to record and produce songs and introduce them to certain festivals. This is what The Gambia is lacking. We have got a lot of promoters who are Gambians outside but they have not been focused on Gambian music. As a musician, it doesn’t mean that I should just concentrate on my own side but I should also create room for other musicians especially the upcoming ones and those that we think can promote the Gambian culture.

The son of a classically trained violinist said he has been in the music scene for over 18 years and has produced six albums. 

He added: “My upcoming album is more of promoting the wellbeing of Gambians at the same time to strengthen friendship between The Gambia and the United States. To entertain is not easy and one really needs time to come up with solid substance that people will consume. I have been a way for a year in America, so many things have happened and I have seen a lot of talents. The music industry is growing big and we need more promotion and sponsors and the Gambian audience to support Gambian music. My own part is I will do anything I can to support Gambian music. My start in music was not easy and it took me time to release an album. It also took me time to even record a song because I have been busy writing and working on my voice.”

Egalitarian began singing and performing at the age of 14, after just 8 years in the competitions and shows in The Gambia, he released his first Album ‘Fellow Sufferah’  which is currently enjoying more air play in The Gambia. He is due to release his seventh Album very soon. At just 23, this young artiste has already made a name in the Gambian music scene.


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