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By Omar Bah

Lamin Jatta, the regional chairman of President Barrow Fan Club in Brikama, has called for the revocation of bail granted to UDP leader Ousainu Darboe and his colleagues [including himself] who were released from prisons soon after former president Jammeh’s defeat at the polls.

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Addressing a political rally organised by this club in Brikama attended by President Barrow Barrow on Saturday, Jatta, a former UDP die-hard who was himself among those imprisoned with Darboe, told the rally: “We the released detainees are the cause of the problem in this country, so just revoke our bail and return us to prison because we violated the constitution”.

Mr Jatta alleged that Darboe and his colleagues never in fact liked Barrow, adding that he was with them in prison and knows that they betrayed Barrow whiles they were in the prison.

“You gave Darboe almost everything but despite that he has betrayed you.

We sacrificed a lot for Darboe wanting to make him president, but God said no.

We campaigned for you for only three months and you were elected president and now they they don’t want to accept that fact,” Jatta told the president and the crowd at the rally.

In his own address, President Adama Barrow warned that those who want to unseat him before 2021 should tighten their belts because there is no short cut to the presidency and whether one likes it or not, he will be here until 2021.

The president made no mention of the fact that he himself has promised only three years, neither did he discuss why he is changing that to 5.

He said when he came to office the country’s foreign reserve was 35 million dollars, now it is 500 million dollars, achieved in just two years.

“I will continue to give my best for this country as mandated by the Gambian people but whether I will be reelected in 2021, it is a decision to be taken by the Gambian people,” he asserted.

Pa Njie Girigara, a former KMC mayor aspirant for GDC, now with the Barrow camp, visited a famous anti-UDP campaign slogan devised by APRC militants: “We need Adama Barrow, we do not need old Pa.”

He used his address to reassure Barrow that Gambians are behind him.

Majanko Samusa, nominated national assembly member said the Brikama meeting serves as the launching of President Barrow’s political party.

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