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Farmer appeals for urgent government intervention in Brikama Ba

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By Alagie Manneh

Sarjo L Ceesay, a farmer based in Brikama Ba is calling on the government to intervene in the area and help solve some of the numerous issues or concerns making life unbearable for the people of that area.
Mr Ceesay, in an interview with The Standard, said needs such as farm inputs, skyrocketing prices of basic food commodities and security in the area all need to be given high urgency and addressed as quickly and as swiftly as possible.

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“I am here to let the government know about some of the issues we local farmers in rural areas are faced with,” Mr Ceesay said. “They claimed that they have reduced price of basic food and other commodities, but unfortunately that is not the situation right now in Brikama Ba and surrounding areas.
“Because at the moment onions, oil, or even sugar costs around D1500. A bag of onions is around D500, oil is as well expensively sold. We don’t know what is going on in Brikama Ba. So the government need to come around to these areas and address the plight in place.”


According to Ceesay, it is sad today the new Gambia is at such point, adding that this new government was formed on the basis and with the promise of “all living decently”.
“We cannot all be equal of course, but we need to help each other live a comfortable and dignified life.”
Mr Ceesay also claimed that Brikama Ba is “absolutely” without security.


“Vehicles come and go with high speeds. Imagine how big Brikama Ba is and how many people live there, these vehicles come and go carelessly. This is how accidents occur, therefore we need policemen and other security installations in Brikama Ba. The police have to come, really, and help us out. What are we paying them for?
He continued: “Farmers also need help. Help should be arriving for poor farmers. We need tractors, power tillers, manure and all other inputs, especially now that we are in the rainy season.
“We also need to address the issue of deforestation. People have cut down trees and they are still on it.”

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