Farmers at Jammeh’s Farato garden decry destruction of crops by ‘foreign investor’


By Mafugi Ceesay

Vegetable growers cultivating on ex-president Jammeh’s garden in Farato have blamed the government for “deliberate destruction of their crops” after it was allegedly taken over by an Arab investor.

Suntu Badjie, a spokesperson of the group comprising11 affected horticulturalists whose crops were said to be affected, alleged that his cassava farm measuring 200×100 was reduced to nothing after a caterpillar was sent to destroy all their crops and products.


Badjie said he and other affected farmers have been working on the said farm for several years until the removal of former president Jammeh.

Mr Badjie said they have reported the matter to the presidential political adviser, Siaka Jatta to help but all that they got in return was he (Jatta) will get back to them after discussing with the relevant authorities.

“During our discussions with him [Siaka] he asked who authorised us to farm in Jammeh’s Farato garden and we told him that we only sought permission from one Camara who is in charge of the yard. Jatta then asked me to hand over the mobile phone to Camara which I did.

He later promised us that he will go to the State House to relay the information and whatever the outcome, he will get back to us but since then, we have never heard from him,” Mr Badjie explained.

Contacted on the matter, Siaka Jatta admitted that one Mr Badjie had contacted him about the matter and he had promised him that he will channel it to the relevant authorities and get back to them but that coincided with the president’s tour which meant that there was no time.

“But I never told them that I will have to discuss the matter with anyone at the State House, because State House is not the right place to discuss land issues since there is a land ministry. I only told them I will channel the matter to the relevant authorities and whatever the case, I will reliably inform them,” Mr Jatta said.