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Father solicits support for only child

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A medical report from the MRC indicates that Musa Saidy has been struggling with a congenital heart defect. 

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According to his medical report the toddler, who is the only child of his family, requires “surgical repairs to ensure that he can grow to his full potential and lead a normal and healthy life”.

He report states: “Unfortunately, there are no special cardiologists or cardiothoracic, (‘a surgical specialty, which deals with the diagnosis and management of surgical conditions of the heart, lungs and food-pipe’) surgery services in The Gambia. He therefore requires sponsorship to enable him to travel overseas for surgery.” 

The despondent father said of his son’s condition: “Since he was little, he has been suffering from heart problems. Doctors said there is some kind of a hole in his heart, causing him lots of suffering. As he grows, it was expected that he will recover gradually. We did an ultra sound indicating there are breathing and chest problems. Coughing and catarrh are also included. Eating is also a problem for him.”

Mr Saidy, who is also a student at The Gambia College, added: “We’re so worried. And the doctor said that the operation cannot take place in the country. This is why we are soliciting support from the general public.” 

Anyone willing to support can reach the family on the following numbers: 7860008/6360582.


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