FIG forex bureau boss: This is not a raffle


The Gambia government had since March put a ban on all forms of gambling. 

“People are failing to understand that it is not a raffle,” he said. “Our biggest challenge right now is telling people that this is not a raffle. Do your transaction with us and get rewarded because we understand that you are loyal to us.”

He added: “We have rewards ranging from tablets, TVs from LG, plots of land from First Real Estate, and mobile phones from RLG.


“Right now, the more transactions you do with FIG the more points you get on your loyalty card. My target is to have as many customers as possible. 

“Our first landmark that we can measure things from is the reward that we are giving out today. People have come and waited patiently. But at the end of the day, they all walked away with a reward that they are happy with. 

“We want people to benefit from what we are doing; our success is measured against the satisfaction of customers.”