And the saddest thing is neither is saying anything. 

Once again as the June 13 CAN qualifier against South Africa gets dangerously close, there is still no word as to when The Gambia will get a coach let alone build a team. 

The latest enquiry by The Standard yesterday did not yield any fruitful answer, with officials only saying: “Very, very soon the process will be completed.” 


But let’s face it: what gains are there even when the process – which is now taking eternity to complete- comes up with an angel as coach just few weeks before the match? 

Can the eventual appointee even get access to our players around the world or have time to test and build a team from the home-based players? 

And if we don’t take the Cup of Nations seriously what other competition will we consider important, CHAN or friendly matches? 

What is so frustrating is the silence from the authorities on the matter. 

There is obviously nothing wrong with the GFF giving periodical updates on the process that will carry the interest and satisfy the concern of the public who also have a right to know. The administration of a public commodity like football should not be the monopoly of officials who pick and choose when to speak and when not to. 

Rather it should be their duty to explain their actions, policies and plans to the public. There is no doubt that the country’s preparation for the Cup of Nations is not only too late, but it is also shoddy and bleak, offering no hope at all of success.

The Gambia football fans people have every right to ask questions whether they get answers or not.