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Friendship Hostel murder suspect takes plea

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By Bruce Asemota

Kumba Siyan, a resident of Bakau Newtown, was yesterday arraigned before Justice Sidi Jobarteh at the High Court in Banjul.
The prosecution alleged that Kumba Sinyan on the 14th September, 2022 at Friendship Hostel in Bakau, with malice aforethought caused the death of one Momodou Lamarana Jallow by cutting his stomach with an object.
Kumba pleaded not guilty to the charge and the prosecution led by senior state counsel L.Jarjue opened the prosecution’s case and called the first witness, Deputy Superintendent Foday Conta, station officer of Bakau police to testify.
DSP Foday Conta testified that on the 14th September, 2022 at about 3:15 am, he received a message from a police officer that there is a murder incident at Friendship Hostel in Bakau.
The witness further testified that upon receipt of the information, he visited the place with his team of police officers where he met the receptionist who led them to Room 111 and therein they found a motionless body laid on the floor in a pool of blood.
The witness told the court that thereafter, the team went on collecting evidence after the arrival of the CRO officer who is an expert on finger print.
He said they conducted a search and found a wallet containing Visa Card bearing Momodou Lamarana Jallow, two filter of cigarette, detached shaving stick, a pillow placed on the stomach of the deceased.
He testified that when the pillow was lifted, they found the deceased was cut and the intestine out, black clothes (rag) forced into his mouth.
DPS Conta said after collecting evidence and checking on the CCTV which was not functioning, a volunteer called him aside and told him that he knows who killed Jallow and he named Kumba Siyan.
The witness told the court that he got his team and went with the informant to the accused’s residence in Bakau.
DPS Conta testified that upon arrival at her residence, she was arrested and was taken to Friendship Hostel, where they proceeded to Room 111. He said whilst holding her hands, he realized she was shivering and after examining the deceased, they proceeded to Bakau police where a case file was opened and handed over to the serious crime unit for further investigations.
Hearing continues on Friday, 18th November, 2022 at 10am.

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