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‘FTJ and Kandeh have no morals to preach justice for Faraba victims’

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By Amadou M Jadama

Foday Gassama, the UDP youth coordinator for West Coast Region, has accused GDC leader Mamma Kandeh and APRC leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta of cheap political showmanship, as he responds to the visit and comments of the duo at Faraba.

Speaking to The Standard Wednesday, Gassama said he found it laughable that people like Kandeh and Fabakary should add their voice to those of good people by asking President Barrow to investigate the killings and to explain who ordered the police to use live bullets.

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“I wonder what moral authority these gentlemen have or when do they choose to be decent people after aiding and abetting Yahya Jammeh’s rampant killing of Gambians and foreigners for 22 years,” Gassama said.

The UDP man said from the start, he knew Kandeh and FTJ went to Faraba to seek cheap political gains out of people’s disaster.

“Since when have they come to know that senseless violence against civilians is unlawful? Why were they not heard during Jammeh’s brutal regime when they were busy serving a rubber stamped parliament and Jammeh killed people in dozens?” he asked.

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Gassama said no amount of deception by FTJ and Kandeh will blind people to their tainted record as enablers of Jammeh’s tyranny who should have been prosecuted.

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