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TRRC not a propaganda arm of government – Dr Jallow

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By Tabora Bojang

The Executive Secretary of the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, established to probe human rights atrocities of former regime, has said that the commission is not a propaganda arm of the government that aims to punish any particular group of people but to unveil truth, justice and promote reconciliation.

Speaking to The Standard at the close of a four-day training for media and civil society, Dr Baba Galleh Jallow said the establishment of the upcoming commission should not be seen as a rigorous campaign to round up or ‘witch hunt’ anybody.
“I can assure everyone that this commission is impartial, independent and not here as propaganda arm of the government or witch-hunt the past regime,” he said.

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“We are just after the truth and justice for the victims, reconciliation, healing and promotion of the best interest of the country. We want every Gambian to be engaged in a conversation on how we can prevent a repetition of human rights violations and dictatorship in this country,” Jallow continued.
Dr Jallow called on the government to invest in making sure the nation’s broadcaster has a nationwide coverage to enhance public participation in the work of the TRRC.

“Without nationwide coverage it is going to be a problem because the transitional justice processes cannot happen effectively if everyone in the Gambia does not have access to radio Gambia.”
He revealed that there are international organisations in the country including the UNDP, UNESCO and others that are willing to help increase the capacity of GRTS to have nationwide coverage, urging state broadcaster to tap into those offers.

He said works for the nominations of commission members are ongoing as 7 regional selection panels created in every region have commenced work to coordinate and take nominations from people interested in becoming members of the TRRC.
“They will make final nominations of three people to regional governors who will submit final list to the ministry of justice for scrutiny,” he added.

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