Fulladu leaders back Jammeh’s anti-gay stance


At the meeting which was part of the president’s ‘Dialogue With The People Tour’, the Fulladu representative asserted: “It’s not democracy but a twisted form of it which advocates for people to behave irrationally and out of bounds with the ideals of society. This is indescribably imperialistic. We support President Jammeh in his defiance over such behaviour and his vision to transform the country into a developed economy. This is especially seen in his policy shifts to revamp the agriculture sector and scale-up production which is the perfect starting point for food security dependent on increased local production.”

The chief of Niamina Dankunku, Sulayman Keita said there was need for the government to develop rigid sets of strategies to put development on a fast track. He noted some Western ideals could impact negatively on our development if they were allowed to flourish in our society given major incompatibilities with our own ideals.

He said: “Young people have a role to play in national development and this can only be achieved through their participation in promoting our own ideals. There are acts that are imported and can retard our development including homosexual behaviour. We support the president in his vision for the country which can be seen by all. Many government policies have been very forthcoming and affecting all sectors of our economy which need stakeholder support.


“More government investment is needed to be directed at young people because their participation in development is pivotal. Many of these youths have shown willingness to make their presence felt in society by spearheading efforts aimed at progress of the country. The country’s leadership has therefore expressed interest to help young people in all areas of development.”  


By Lamin Njie