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Gambia at 50 shouldn’t be facing electricity, water problems

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The four-time presidential aspirant bluntly put that The Gambia after 50 years of independence should not be facing water and electrical problems. 

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“A country of less than two million people, less than the population of Dakar, should not be facing electrical and water problems or grappling with food insecurity,” he told The Standard.

Darboe however acknowledged the importance of independence for The Gambia. 

He added: “However, to be prosperous as other countries, that has not been achieved. We are though on the path towards that, but we should be honest. In our desire to achieve those objectives, we should be focused.

“I think it is good for any politician to dream the best for your country. It is not possible for [President] Jammeh, whatever he’s dreams are for The Gambia, to achieve them all. Sir Dawda had certain aspirations for The Gambia that he could not achieve. He talked about the Singapore Dream, but he could not achieve it until he was overthrown. So it should be the same for any leader.”

Darboe however expressed believe that President Jammeh should grant greater freedom, especially in the public service.

 “This problem is leadership,” he said. “We have a very good cadre of public servants some of whom have transited from the previous regime to the current one. Jammeh should give these people free hand to deal with issues. I have no doubt that this country has capable hands that can get us on a proper economic footing.” 


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