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Gambia, Cuban doctors hold 16th scientific meeting

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By Mafugi Ceesay

The Gambian and Cuban doctors have on Saturday held their sixteen scientific meeting in Banjul at the Gambia school of medicine.
It is the first time that a group of Gambian health professionals joining their Cuban colleagues to carry out several research projects that were appreciated at this forum.
Cuban Ambassador Lazaro Herrera M said he is hopeful that this is only the beginning of a joint efforts and that in years to come they can achieve a greater number and a stronger integration between health workers in both countries.

He said this will help in defending in the best possible way the most human of all the rights, the right to life and enjoy healthy life.
Lazaro noted that the works that are presented at the ceremony are the result of long hours of studies, analysis, experiences and efforts shared by a group of enthusiastic Cuban and Gambian professionals who, without abandoning their fundamental duties in the different regions where they provide services, have dedicated part of their time to research inspired by the purpose of offering the best of their medical experience to the Gambian population.

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He said different generations of Cuban health collaborators who have served the Gambia in different period of time, have been materialising for 16 years the initiative of the eternal commander in chief, Fidel Castro, the main inspirer of scientific research in Cuba
He called on the participants to know that the greatest recognition they can be rewarded or received is the “smile of a well-attended child, the gratitude of a family member who has seen his loved one recovered, the satisfaction that they experience for each new life saved. Be worthy of those awards too.”
He is hopeful that the efforts between health workers from both countries will “continue to strengthen, guided by the common purpose of offering better life opportunities to who should always be the main beneficiary of all efforts, the noble and humble Gambian people.”

Dr. Rebecca Lahera Cabrales said: “Our job in The Gambia is hard but we rejoice at eliminating the health and well-being needs with the population, as well as collaborating with the training of human resources whose knowledge will result in assistance to the human being with love and perseverance.”
She said the day is a day of scientific festivity where they will see their daily works turned into science, saying that “let this gathering be a greater commitment with our work in the teaching research and medical services.”

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