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By Omar Bah

The Ministry of Defense has said the Gambia Armed Forces are ready to offer assistance to the civilian authorities across regional and local levels in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Defending and protecting our nation and people from the current challenges requires a solid and unwavering partnership between those who serve at the front line and those who benefit from these services,” a statement from the ministry stated yesterday. “We wish to assure all citizens that our service men and women are well-trained in this area.”

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The statement revealed that the army stands prepared to step up to the plate and support all civilian agencies and emergency services in ways which best suit a coordinated national response to the crisis during the newly declared state of public emergency.

“During these unprecedented times our great country finds itself in, we wish to assure all citizens and all those resident in The Gambia of the military’s commitment to work in support of all civilian authorities charged with leading the country’s multi-agency response to the Covid-19 crisis”, the statement said.

The MoD urged Gambians and all those residing in the country to adhere to the current emergency regulations, respect curfew guidelines, wear masks and demonstrate respect for the rule of law.

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“As our prayers remain with those whose health has already been impacted by the pandemic, and the families who have lost loved ones, we support the efforts of our government to deploy all national resources under the direction of the civilian authorities to keep the country safe and strong.

“We remain eternally grateful for the confidence that you, the Gambian people, have vested in our institution, and the support you continue to provide us with to ensure that we are able to carry out our domestic responsibilities to the best of our ability. We appeal to all Gambians and all those resident in The Gambia to remain steadfast, stay at home and help our armed forces and all emergency services to protect the interests of all of us,” the statement concluded.

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