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Politician urges Barrow to reshuffle cabinet

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By Omar Bah

A former APRC supporter Omar Beyai, who claimed to be the chairman of the so-far unregistered All Peoples’ Party, APP, has called on President Barrow to immediately reshuffle his cabinet to enable him to carry out much needed restructuring and to inject a fresh momentum into the system.

“The only way to carry out an effective restructuring is to effect a cabinet reshuffle so that even whereas activities such as the TRRC are going, the other organs of government can concentrate on other national needs,” he said.

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Speaking on the recent row that greeted a statement made by Halifa Sallah about the type of change needed in the country, Beyai said Halifa Sallah was right to say that there is no system change in the Gambia.
“Just look around, you will see that the people who were with Jammeh are still the same people working with President Barrow. There is no proper restructuring in the system,” he said.

Beyai said the best way to carry out such reforms is for President Barrow to sack some of the ministers who are not committed to serving the interest of the nation in these trying times.

Mr Beyai, who once expressed interest to lead the APRC after Jammeh left, later announced he has formed his own party which is yet to be registered. He has often said the APP will form the next government.
Last night The Standard contacted a member of the Coalition 2016 team about Beyai’s comments who reacted:

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“I think he has a right to express his views but I am not sure Mr Beyai fits the bill as a politician since he has not yet fledged a muscle since he announced his much talked about APP. In fact it is only in your medium that I read about him. I think I will take his comments as from an ordinary citizen.”

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