Gambia observe International Day of Persons with Disabilities


By Nyima Bah

The Gambia Federation of the Disabled on 3rd December, 2020 joined the world to commemorate the international day of persons with disabilities, which was held at The Gambia College in Brikama.

The Gambia Federation of the Disabled is an umbrella body that is representing 16 organisations in dealing with persons with disabilities.


A report by WHO shows that 1.7 persons with disabilities across the world, and the current statistics for the world’s population is 7 billion, meaning the number of persons with disabilities is 1 billion worldwide.

This year’s theme is “building back better: towards a disabilities?- inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID- 19 world.”

The commemoration of the day is aimed at promoting an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

Ms Seraphine Wakana, United Nations Resident Coordinator, highlighted the UN’s work with regard to people with disabilities.  She said over the years   they have been engaged in a lot of activities regarding the growth of PwDs in national development.  The UN in the Gambia thrives in its effort to ensure the goal for this year’s theme is reached throughout the Gambia. “Not only focusing on the urban Gambia but to extend support to those in rural Gambia as well,” she said.

She added that the UN in the Gambia stands firm holding human rights principal in promoting and advocating for equality and non-discrimination for people with disabilities. 

Muhammed Krubally, Chairman of GFD, said the federation is the focal point that advocates for respect, protection and promotion of PwDs in the Gambia. “Therefore, everyone is expected to rally behind the federation on its strike to changing the cultural perspectives of what it means to be a person with disabilities.”

He added that the day provides a platform where every affected person with disabilities can share their concern and challenge that they are faced with in society.

He stressed that the Government is yet to stand in solidarity with PwDs in The Gambia as their bill to participate in decision making is yet to be reviewed in the National Assembly.