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Gambia ranked seventh safest country in Africa

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia has been ranked the seventh-safest country in Africa in the latest Global Peace Index (GPI) ranking issued in August 2022.

 According to the report, The Gambia may not be the highest ranking on the peace and safety scale, but it offers more security than many other African nations.

The report said broadly speaking, the country is a safe haven for travelers. “The country does report a high crime rate, but these are predominantly minor offenses, such as pickpocketing. It is advised that visitors keep their valuables out of sight and well-secured. Serious crimes like violent attacks and muggings are relatively uncommon”, the report said.

“However, corruption poses another challenge in The Gambia as there have been reported instances where unsuspecting tourists are entrapped with marijuana offers, only to be met by police officers demanding bribes. Scammers also prey on tourists, often with the intent of financial extortion,” the report added.

The US State Department’s travel advisory places The Gambia at Level 2, suggesting visitors exercise an increased level of caution.

According to the GPI 2022, Sub-Saharan Africa, Mauritius retains its first position as the safest African nation.

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