‘Gambia will not condone threats against citizens’


Hon Mai Fatty

By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Moral Congress, Mai Fatty has warned that the new Gambia will not take threats against the life of any of its citizens with frivolity.
“It is within this context that I strongly condemn the alleged threats recently made against radio journalist Yusupha Darboe of Star FM. The New Gambia will not condone such cowardly and infantile nonsense against media practitioners. It would be unwise and unfortunate for the cowards who threatened Darboe to move beyond an inch of their devilish thoughts,” Fatty said in a Standard interview.
Fatty added that media practitioners should be protected by both the state and the society.
“There is no place in our society for those who fear or battle against the power of information. People like Yusupha Darboe should be provided visible protection while the alleged threats against his life be thoroughly investigated by various agencies of state,” he added.