Gambians are fleeing as refugees


…Prince Sanyang laments, calls for dialogue  By Omar Bah The Founder of Prince Ebrahim Africa Future Foundation (PEFAF). HRH Ebrahim Sanyang has expressed shock and sadness over seeing Gambians fleeing the country as refugees out of fear of the political impasse that has engulfed the country. “It is very sad and seeing our people leaving the country in frustration and fear. Many others especially the old folks are terrified by what is going to come next if the impasse is not settle amicably,” the young business tycoon Sanyang said. In statement sent to the media, Sanyang called on all political leaders in the country to ensure that they engage in peaceful dialogue to resolve the current political crisis, to avoid any uncertainty. “This is not the time for partisan politics and party lines, because we are talking about a nation that is on the verge of going to war. Gambians will agree with me that the country is at a fundamental cross-road, and if nothing is done about it we might head for the worst,” he warned. He added: “The country’s politicians should ensure that the current political dilemma does not tantamount to grave security miscalculation and flaws which could potentially throw Gambia into civil unrest given the fact that not everyone is on the same page; we cannot bet on uncertainties especially where it involves lives,” he added. Sanyang observed that conflict is part of human existence but when we agree we do not need to submit. “When there is the time for submitting then there can also be mutual submission. The one who knows it is time to submit can lead by example,” he said. He advised that the Gambian populace and security services ensure that they protect and safeguard the peace we all enjoy in this country. “Let us all maintain maximum restraint, civil order and promote spirit of one nation and one people,” he added. He said the security forces should understand that they should serve as ambassadors of peace and true reflection of good citizens. “I will like to call on the journalists too to also respect the ethics of international standard practices to promote news content that will promote peace and stability through truthful reporting,” he added. He continued: “In my drive in ensuring that there is peace and tranquillity I take it upon myself to meet both President-elect Adama Barrow and losing candidate Mama Kandeh and I have also booked an appointment to meet the Speaker of the National Assembly”. He said his meeting with President-elect Barrow made him realize that he is a peaceful man. The business tycoon added: “Business doesn’t do well under uncertainty and instability for that reason if the situations continue like this .Gambians should not expect any foreign investment.]]>