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Gambian crisis will be resolved peacefully

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-Nigerian Foreign Minster declares The Nigerian Federal Government’s foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama has expressed optimism that the political impasse in the Gambia following the December 1, 2016 election would be resolved peacefully. He added that there is great optimism that President Jammeh would bow to pressure from ECOWAS leaders to step down at the end of his mandate on January 19. “We will like to believe that he will listen to the voice of his peers in the sub region,” Onyeama told News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja. “And that he will also listen to the voice of his people but, above all, he will follow the democratic path.” He said Nigeria would do everything possible to bring about peaceful resolution to the political crisis there. “Essentially, we want a peaceful resolution to the issue, you know we have experienced conflict in our country and we know how far back in development conflict can take a country to. “So we will do everything possible to help Gambia have a peaceful resolution to this political crisis,” he added.]]>

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