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Gambians show goodwill as Jammeh clocks 49

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Honourable Fatou Mbye – Deputy Speaker National Assembly: I wish to congratulate His Excellency the president on his 49th birthday anniversary. I wish him a very joyous birthday and I pray that he has the strength to continue running the affairs of this country. He is a visionary leader in many but positive ways who has impacted greatly in the lives of all Gambians.


Babou Gaye Sonko, Nominated NAM, APRC national youth mobiliser: I think first of all, we thank the Almighty Allah for giving us a president of President Jammeh’s calibre. Alhamdulillah! I wish him a happy birthday and many, many, many, many more to come because President Jammeh as we all know him, is obviously here to serve the Gambian people. He is a servant of Gambians. 

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Fatou Nget, Fajikunda, KMC: Only Allah can reward President Jammeh for everything he has done for the country from 1994 to this day. Therefore, I would not say much other but wish him a happy and peaceful birthday celebration. May Allah continue to bless his person with success, good health, and long life.


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Imam Momodou Lamin Touray, President, Supreme Islamic Council: I am extending warmest greetings with prayers to the president as Gambians join him in celebrating his birthday. This is yet again a significant milestone in the life of a man whose good wishes for the Gambian people come in high regard. He has a kind heart in his service to the nation. Progress achieved under his administration cuts across all sectors of the economy including healthcare, education and an improved communications infrastructure. 


Aminata Manneh, Student, UTG: I would like to wish His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh a happy and prosperous birthday celebration. He is a very charismatic leader whose charm both domestically and internationally is evident. He is kind, loving and cares about all Gambians. He has always put Gambians at the forefront of his national development objectives which he has always clearly stated. I wish him many more birthdays in the years to come.


Lamin Waa Juwara, Brikama: The president’s 49th birthday celebration is a joyous moment for the country. It’s both religious and traditional for us as Africans to show solidarity with each other especially in joyous times. These are good ideals of our society and we have to strive to keep them alive. The president’s birthday is a joyous event and I think all Gambians will show complete solidarity with him. It is therefore customary to wish each other well. I wish him a happy birthday and many more returns.


Papa Leigh, Africell: I would like to wish the president a happy 49th birthday and I pray that many good things will continue to come his way in life. He has done immensely for this country and we are proud to be associated with him. He has gone on to carve brilliant ideas for the development of this country and we all have to work with him in the realisation of these objectives. The Gambia belongs to all of us and we have to strive hard to work together as a people and the president has made a good impression in this regard. 


Ousman ‘Rambo’ Jatta, Bakau: I am wishing His Excellency, the President, a happy birthday and many more to celebrate. I pray that God will guide him and his family. I am praying for his continued strength for more innovation in years to come especially 2015. He is a nation-oriented Gambian who strives for the common interest of all Gambians. It is important for me to thank him for the good things he has done for Gambians especially young people who are engaged in the fisheries sector. My family and I are wishing him a joyous birthday and may he live long to continue on the good things he has started for the country. 


Noah Bojang, Student, Gambia College, Brikama: Another year, another birthday for the president. We the students, continue to pride ourselves on his extraordinary deliverances in the education sector. If not for him, poor people like me would not have attained higher education. We are really grateful for all the good work he is doing for the country. May the Almighty God give him the protection he needs, long life, peace and prosperity till he fulfils all of his dreams and visions for the country. 


Buba Bojang – National Assembly Member, Foni Kansala: I congratulate His Excellency on his 49th birthday in advance and I wish him long life, good health and spiritual strength to move this country forward. On behalf of the people of Foni Kansala, I thank him for his effort in national development.


 Lamin Jaiteh – Principal, Gambia Senior Secondary School: I wish to extend my sincere and best wishes to the president on his 49th birthday anniversary and I pray for God’s divine light of glory to shine on him, his family and the entire Gambian people. He is a natural leader and all the qualities that go with it including being a good listener, always out to guide his people and having a vision to rule the country. 



Aisha Jallow – Student, Gambia Senior Secondary School: I wish to express my sincere best wishes, in advance, to the president on his 49th birthday. I wish him good health, long life and prosperity in the years to come. He is a charismatic leader who has done great things for his country. 


Fatou Tumbul Sanneh, Cousin to the President, AU Villa, Brufut: The president is a devout Muslim and peaceful leader. He is sympathetic to people especially the poor and the less privileged. He also has a great liking for Gambians and people living in the country in general. On the occasion of his birthday, I wish him excellent health, success, peace and prosperity. 


Kawsu Gibba, Former NAM, Foni Kansala: Amazingly, he is a focused, hard-working, dedicated and an intelligent person throughout his education. In fact, this is what won him a scholarship to Gambia High School. My interaction with him as a parliamentarian was really cool and cordial. Actually, in all the years I had served as the NAM, he has been a coach, business-like and a self-sacrificing leader. I wish him good health, peace and prosperity in his headship of our country on the occasion of his birthday celebration.


Alhaji Araba Jammeh, Senior brother to the President, Kotu: Well, in the years forming his boyhood, His Excellency, Professor Sheikh Alh Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, President of the Republic was a gifted young person. He has skills that none of us in the family has. He was gifted and exceptionally brilliant. And his courage and ultimate good service for the country did not come to me as a surprise. Selfless sacrifice is part and parcel of his life. He loves us as a family and I would like to take this opportunity to pray to Allah, the Most High, to grant him security, peace, long life, continuous success and ease in captaining the ship of state. 


Fatou Njie, Hairdresser, Ebo Town: I want to send a big happy birthday wish to the president as he marks his 49th birthday anniversary in grand style. He is a big fan of Gambian women and has a soft spot for them in his development agenda. We are proud of him.


Saffiatou Korta, Housewife, Jeshwang: I would like to extend my sincere happy birthday wishes to the president of the nation and I pray for his continued good health, long life and prosperity. We are in support of him, all the way through!


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