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Gambians in Spain are model migrants — ambassador

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Lamin Yabou, The Gambia’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, has said Gambians living in Spain have become role models to other Gambian migrants in Europe mainly because of their comportment, hard work and commitment to both their native and host countries.
Speaking in the revived weekly The Diplomat column of The Standard, Yabou, who is one of the few ambassadors to have maintained their postings after Jammeh’s departure, added that Spain was a popular destination for most Gambians back in 70s and 80s, and all have been known to not only hard working but supportive of their family and native Gambia.
“A large number of Gambian migrants especially those who arrived in Spain from the 1970s are mainly agricultural and industrial workers most of whom have become successful in one way or the other. Generally, a lot of them have done very well for themselves both in Spain and in The Gambia over the years,” Yabou said.
He further disclosed that though a good number of them came through irregular migration, most of them were able to regularize their status and are legally resident in the country and a sizeable number of them have acquired Spanish nationality.
“Moreover Gambians both collectively and individually under the banner of their various associations have integrated very well into the Spanish society.
“It is also evident that, because of their success, they provide the lion share of diaspora remittances to The Gambia and good number of them continues to make investments in properties and other assets and while others established businesses in telecommunication, travel agents as well as money transfers,” he said.
Ambassador Yabou said the Spanish authorities have great respect for Gambians because of their discipline and hardwork.
“Gambians in Spain are always praised by the various Spanish authorities for being disciplined, peaceful and hardworking and this made them worthy Ambassadors of The Gambia in the Kingdom of Spain which I am really proud of them,” he added.


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