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GANU unveils mission to save Gambia

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia Alliance for National Unity, Ganu, led by former Justice minister Sheikh Tijan Hydara, held its first familiarisation meeting in his native village, Brufut last Sunday.
Speaking at the meeting, Hydara said his party has come to save The Gambia from its constant slumber since acquiring independence over 50 years ago.

“The issue is we have been constantly failed by our governments but the Gambian people are always caring and law abiding. But after 55 years of independence we all have seen how the country is – we all see what is going. We should ask ourselves whether we want to remain in the situation we are or not.”

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“As far as I am concerned, Gambia should be one of the most developed countries in the world today as there is no reason for a population of less than 3 million people to continue to live in abject poverty. We should now change that by electing people who are competent with the best ideas and stop voting for people just because we come from the same village or tribe with them,” he said.

Hydara further stated that Gambians should not allow politicians to divide them based on tribal lines.
“The idea of Mandinkas should vote for the Mandinkas and Fulas vote for Fulas or Jolas vote for the Jolas must stop or else the country will continue to sink and when that happens, we will find it very difficult to salvage it,” he warned.

The trained lawyer said his party has all the needed experience to lead the Gambia to a better condition than its present state.
The Independent Electoral Commission, IEC, last month confirmed the registration of GANU bringing the number of political parties in the country to 15.

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