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GAP leader condemns threats against Gambians

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Leader and secretary general of Gambia Action Party, Musa Yali Batchilly, has condemned threats made by Gambian ministers against would-be protesters in December.

In a write up shared with The Standard, the leader said: “The government without agendum and sense of direction is doomed to failure.

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The statements made by a democratic elected President and his cabinet ministers plus the so-called advisers are worrisome and The Gambia Action Party under the efficient leadership of Hon. Musa Yali Batchilly has strongly condemned it.

“It is sad that we are still following the same old system which the Gambians voted against thinking that we are on the way to greatness.

Power struggle seems to distract Mr Barrow from the very reasons he was elected with the clear indications that no single agenda was mentioned during his recent political rally at Brikama on the 15th June, 2019.

A rally which the president supposed to redirect the minds of the Gambians where his development plans lies and how they should be met.

Unfortunately, it was a rally of gossips, threatened and demonstrated abuse of power directed to individuals and or the citizens.

“Human rights must be respected by all means possible always and in all the ways.

Remarks made by the minister of interior are considered inhumane, abusive and derogatory to the maximum extent possible.

Every citizen have rights to freedom of expression and assembly as stipulated in the constitution of the republic of The Gambia which must be respected and honoured by every sitting government.

There are solutions to any problem but it seems that the interior minister’s only solution is to pour hot water to the anticipated demonstrators in December.

He owes the Gambians an apology!
“No wonder this administration is failing and cracking into particles on daily basis.

Again, the Gambians are very much disappointed with the statements uttered by the presidential adviser in the calibre of Henry Gomez.

We in the Gambia Action Party would continuously like to reiterate the fact that people have rights to peacefully demonstrate after acquiring the permit from the police as stated in the constitution of the land which is supreme.

These are fundamental human rights stipulated in our constitution and under regional or international treaties and convention which we have ratified.

Such remarks are undemocratic and must be condemned in a democratic nation.

“The Gambia Action Party is hereby urging everyone in and around The Gambia to be law-abiding and be peace preachers.

Also, stay away from causing or inciting violence in any form and we shall stand in solidarity with any person who is ready to exercise his or her rights without fear or intimidation.

Never again will Gambians allow fear to grip our nation and or to be oppressed again.

“Let us remain in tranquility because we have another chance to vote this government out of office, a government trying to be powerful and instilling fear into the very people who voted them in. Our votes are our rights and must ensure that the changes that we are all anticipating for become a reality.

“Calculated propaganda in providing free WiFi is and shall not be a priority as at now.

There are daunting tasks ahead which are much more important than free WiFi on lamp poles. A nation free from hunger, a healthy and secured nation, revive economy, youths, women, indigenous businessmen and women empowerment, revitalise education, a nation free from tribalism and tolerance should be part of reform agendum.

Our hospitals are being run without drugs, our homes and streets without lights, our taps without clean drinking waters, our roads remain dilapidated. Our boys and girls are still left behind and without sufficient jobs. The Gambia Action Party will do better when it comes to power in 2021,” Batchilly said.

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