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GDC condemns killing of police officers


The Gambia Democratic Congress has expressed its deepest condolences to the families of the two police officers killed on Tuesday at Sukuta Traffic Lights.

In a statement shared with The Standard, the party wrote: “It is shocking and very worrying that their lives were taken in the most heartless way. The GDC strongly condemn this cowardly and criminal act which left everyone in a very desperate situation.  The peace and tranquility that The Gambia is ever known for should not be compromised by outlaws. Our security forces are here to protect our lives and properties and nothing should hinder or threaten their work or lives”.

The party said the deaths of these two officers is a tragic loss to the nation and the circumstances of their deaths is horrible. “We appreciated your services, passion for the job and your selfless efforts to this nation up to the time of your death.  We would like to express our heartfelt and sincere condolences to the Inspector General of Police, the president, the deceased families over these unfortunate losses. As the rise in crime continues to take its strongest shape in this country, it is becoming more of a concern for all citizens and non-citizens residing in this country to be on alert and jointly work with the security force to reduce it,” the party added.

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