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GDC man who joined Barrow returns, ‘regrets’ decision

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By Omar Bah

A GDC member, who abandoned the party to become a President Barrow supporter, has said he has regretted his decision and is now back to the GDC.

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Abdoulie Cham, the former head of GDC’s policy, strategy and research committee who left a year ago for Barrow, confirmed he has re-joined the party.

“I want to confirm that I have returned to the GDC. I went to support Barrow because of the National Development Plan but I realise the president could not coordinate the process and I also have observed that he doesn’t have the qualities to lead this country to the dreamland,” Cham told The Standard.

He added: “Yes, Barrow is a very peaceful president but he needs to be reminded that a country cannot be run based on its president’s peacefulness. You must have plans that will move the country forward and as far I am concerned, this government’s plans are not working”.

Cham said the “good news for Gambians now is that we don’t need to fight or effect a coup to unseat a president. Our votes are our weapons, let’s use them and vote Barrow out in 2021”.

“The country is facing very pathetic difficulties – even our sovereignty is in the hands of foreigners. This is why I said it should be every Gambian’s duty to ensure we change the current leadership. We have to vote them out to regain our sovereignty,” he said.

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