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GDC will fight corruption through digitalisation – Kandeh

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By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has revealed that if elected, his government will introduce digitalisation in all government transactions as a measure to fight corruption.

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Mamma Kandeh made these remarks while launching the GDC’s website and manifesto on Sunday at the party’s Latrikunda Sabiji bureau.

“Our vision and programmes are underpinned by the transformation of our systems from manual to digital and green technology. We have no doubt that with digitalization, many of our programs shall be transparent as the country is faced with serious issues when it comes to corruption,” Kandeh said.

He said the digitalisation will help to fight corruption and pave the country to a transparent and productive manner.

“The status quo in The Gambia cannot continue – the level of poverty and the lack of basic needs should not be accepted anymore. We can change it and we have the potential to do so. But to achieve this we will have no option but to overcome our differences and come together to discuss issues – issues that will move the country forward and move our political discussions to a higher level,” he added.

Kandeh argued that issues related to the type of institutions, economic and social structures and how the country should overcome corruption must be in the forefront of political discourse.

“We owe it to the young and the future generations.”

The GDC leader said the website will contain very important information about the party and its vision for The Gambia in the short, medium and long terms.

“The website convers wide areas ranging from institutional reforms, health, education, economic development and many other areas including agriculture, manufacturing and services, decentralisation of our democracy to much needed reforms,” he noted.

He said the GDC has a clear vision for The Gambia, which is to transform the country, eliminate hunger and strengthen diplomatic ties with its neighbours.

“But we must unite as one Gambia and one people to achieve our desired goals. The GDC manifesto is the best ever manifesto structured in the history of this country. We are not only planning for the short term but for 90 years to come,” he said.

The former Jimara Constituency lawmaker hailed the diaspora for their tremendous contribution towards the country’s development.

The party’s website is www.gdc.gm.

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