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GFA Bakau chairman criticises gov’t policies

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia For All Bakau Constituency chairman, Sadibou Jadama, has accused the Barrow administration of failing to effect any meaningful change in the country’s governance system.

According to Jadama, a long-term resident of Sweden and trained journalist, the foundations laid by the government, including the principles of fighting against corruption, indiscipline in the civil service, and reshaping the whole governance system, have failed.

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“Any serious president would have resigned based on these failed policies and principles, but this current government seems not to care about these things. To them, these things are not important, and because many Gambians don’t care about them, the government is comfortable,” he said.

Jadama said the civil service needs serious reforms to be able to meet the current challenges of “our generation.”

“We kicked the former government out because of their inefficacies and poor governance system, but the new government has not been any different,” he added.

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He said the country’s future is under serious threat, arguing that if strong leadership doesn’t take over power in 2026, the country will doom.

“This is why I believe that the likes of Bakary Bunja Dabo, the leader of the GFA, should be given a chance with his experience to steer this country to the dreamland before it is too late,” he said.

Jadama cited the Gambia Ports Authority, Nawec, and the Judiciary as classical examples of how the country’s performance is poor.

“This country has thousands of people graduating from university every year, but there are no jobs for them. We have one of the poorest education systems in the world. There is a total collapse of all relevant institutions. This is why I said this country is a failed state. There is nothing tangible we can boast of. Where are we heading as a country and people?” he chastised.

He said the country needs a complete change from its current situation.

“This government is just not capable of taking us to where we want to be as a country. I was very young during the PPP regime, but I can remember the good work that the likes of BB Dabo did when he was Finance Minister. In fact, he was the one who introduced an accountability mechanism and fought against corruption in this country. He reshaped the country’s image after the Kukoi Samba Sanyang attempted coup and named the country the Smiling Coast of West Africa. He did that when he realised that the country is going astray, and that is the same thing that is happening now,” he said.

Mr Jadama said his party, led by former vice president and finance minister BB Dabo, offers the requisite experience and leadership to salvage The Gambia.

He also accused the current government of having also succeeded in promoting nepotism.

“It is only in The Gambia that you will see a pharmacist appointed as minister of agriculture. What is happening to our souls and minds in this country? We need to find a way of getting out of this mess,” he said.

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