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Saturday, March 6, 2021

GFA party: Drug trafficking poses a threat to national stability

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Press release

The Gambia For All party is alarmed and concerned that our “New Gambia” is seemingly transitioning into becoming the Narco State of the subregion.

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As responsible citizens, we can no longer ignore frequent revelations of illicit drugs seized at our land and sea ports, much more in our neighborhoods.

The hard working officers of the National Drug Law enforcement agency (DLEAG) appear to be overwhelmed by the constant challenge to their operational integrity by highly sophisticated international drug trafficking syndicates.

Make no mistake about this, dangerous drug trafficking and associated criminality poses an existential threat to our very survival as a nation state. The drug trafficking syndicates have no moral ambivalence about hijacking institutionally weak states and wreak havoc on a helpless population.

GFA has indicated on numerous occasions that it will wage a relentless war on corruption, and this will be escalated to an even greater battle against international drugs trafficking.

The war against illicit drugs cannot be left to officers of the NDEAG, often under-resourced for the enormity of the task they are being asked to undertake. The political class must come out to strongly condemn the infiltration of drug traffickers in our country.

 In particular, the government at the highest levels must declare a zero tolerance policy for drug trafficking. There can be no equivocation on this matter to avoid accusations of complicity.


GFA communications.

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